LIFE’S FAR TOO SHORT… not be living your dream. Spend the time you have left on this earth doing things that bring you joy. Design the career & life you most want by aligning them with your deepest values. Then gladly step out of your comfort zone & into the unknown. What's on the other side may just be beyond your wildest imagination. Whilst you're willing to take risks, beautiful rewards are within your reach. And on the journey, you'll develop courage, persistence & resilience in reaching beyond your potential to create a career & life that you can be immensely proud of.

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I have had consultations with Kezia a number of times over the years and I have consistently left the session with my ‘mind blown’. Kezia has helped me recognise beliefs I had that were not serving me, that were in fact blocking me from achieving what I want most from my career and lifestyle. Kezia helped me see a different perspective I would not have seen alone. A recent single session with Kezia was extremely beneficial in taking the next step in my career. I wasn’t told what to do, I was guided to come to my own conclusions and recognise my own intuition and feelings. After the session I easily put to rest all the back and forth that had been going on in my mind, because now I was crystal clear on what I wanted and what I had to do to get there. Since then I have been confidently stepping forward on my journey absolutely certain I am moving forward in alignment with my dreams. Thank you Kezia!

Lyndsay, Northern Rivers, NSW

Initially I sought coaching as I felt overwhelmed with everything that I wanted to achieve; so much so that I didn’t know if I would have “time” for the coaching sessions! I can look back and laugh at that now because Kezia has helped me free up wasted time for the important stuff. I found Kezia to be very patient, understanding, respectful and very easy to talk to, even about personal matters. I like the way she coached me to find answers to problems instead of telling me what to do, but at the same time offering suggestions where appropriate. I feel very blessed to have found Kezia to coach/mentor me. Although I was expecting some improvement in my life, Kezia’s wealth of knowledge and ability to help me far exceeded my expectations. She is both professional and approachable and I would have no hesitation in working with her again. I would certainly recommend Kezia to anyone who is not quite achieving what they want in life.

Kaye, Gold Coast, QLD

Before starting the coaching sessions with Kez, I felt a little anxious, in that I didn’t want to say anything silly. From the very start of session one, Kez put me at ease and her warm and bubbly personality made it so much easier to “open up” to her. I never once felt uncomfortable or nervous. Because of this, I was able to talk about many things and I learnt (or realised) so much about myself. I know that I will use the strategies Kez helped me to develop throughout the rest of my life. She has made a big difference to how I now approach life in general. I very much recommend Kez as a life coach!

Jen, Sydney, NSW

You have a lovely way of making people feel at ease… a natural.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you – look out world, here I come!

Denise, Brisbane, QLD

I walked into the Coaching seminar to see Kezia engaging 150 Year 11 students. She is an excellent practitioner who understands how to connect with students and challenge their thinking. She is a great asset to any school or business that is looking to use coaching as a growth mindset tool for improved outcomes.

J. Caro Careers Advisor, Mt. St. Michael's College, QLD

Kezia gave a 50 minute presentation to 150 Year 11 students in a private girls’ school unpacking the GROW model of coaching and the skill set needed for effective peer coaching. Kezia is warm, professional and very attuned to how Year 11s learn, and she energised and enthused the group. At the beginning of the session the girls were very passive. But through the mix of instruction, video clips, role-play and activities the girls very soon came alive and fully engaged with the skills of coaching. This is due to Kezia’s highly developed presentation skills and her own passion for coaching.

M. Ahern Deputy Principal, Students, Mt. St. Michael's College, QLD

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