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Life is short. Live every moment on purpose. Fill each second with the stuff that actually matters and not the unnecessary. Leave the rest to the power of well-designed business and lifestyle solutions that are simple, effective, efficient and delightful.

User eXperience Design

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Exceptional User eXperience Design enhances a person's efficiency around, engagement with and delight for a product or service, ultimately improving the quality of their experience.

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Life Design

A life designed around simplicity, beauty, harmony and health is a fulfilling and peaceful one.

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latest blogs

  • There are no problems

    How totally amazing would it be, to be completely free of problems? To know that before a problem even arises, it’s already solved. This knowledge effectively eliminates worry, fear and doubt. Now, to understand what I’m about to say requires some familiarity with A Course In Miracles. So, feel free to…

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  • A better way to live

    A Course In Miracles says there is only ever one problem and therefore only one solution. The recognition of this leads to peace. And that it the ultimate goal. So, when I have a problem, I turn it over to my Right Mind rather than stressing myself out to figure it…

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  • The Dream: A Simple Life

    Everyone’s idea of a dream life is different, of course. Mine is perhaps a little unconventional, but then again, I love to keep things Real. Simple. No partner (I’ll be flexible on this) No kids (I won’t be flexible on this) Working from home Job that I absolutely love Great…

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