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Life is short. Live every moment on purpose. Fill each second with the stuff that actually matters, and leave the rest to the power of a well-designed lifestyle that embraces simplicity, minimalism, effectiveness, efficiency, intelligence, and perspective.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were able to free up your time, money and headspace, experience more freedom, fun, and meaning, and feel more love, joy, and peace. Your life need not be complicated or difficult. It just requires a little thought and the right tools. So, let us introduce you to The 6S Lifestyle.

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  • There are no problems

    How totally amazing would it be, to be completely free of problems? To know that before a problem even arises, it’s already solved. This knowledge effectively eliminates worry, fear and doubt. Now, to understand what I’m about to say requires some familiarity with A Course In Miracles. So, feel free to…

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  • A better way to live

    A Course In Miracles says there is only ever one problem and therefore only one solution. The recognition of this leads to peace. And that it the ultimate goal. So, when I have a problem, I turn it over to my Right Mind rather than stressing myself out to figure it…

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  • The Dream: A Simple Life

    Everyone’s idea of a dream life is different, of course. Mine is perhaps a little unconventional, but then again, I love to keep things Real. Simple. No partner (I’ll be flexible on this) No kids (I won’t be flexible on this) Working from home Job that I absolutely love Great…

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