The Life Design Team of One


I believe life is too short to waste time doing things we don't want to do. Time is precious. Intentionally designing our lives moves us in the direction of the vision of our future faster. If we were able to work through major decisions in a systematic, yet intuitive way, we would save ourselves so much time, money, disappointment and confusion, and build our confidence, drive, purpose and joy. What if a system existed that could allow us to make life and career decisions with ease and with the knowledge that we were always heading in the right direction, even if we could choose between a range of options?

Change can obviously be scary, especially if we believe that there is so much at stake, so much that we could potentially lose. The fear of the unknown holds us back from making a leap into a life that could be so much more joyful and rewarding than we can imagine. To break down the barriers to us working in careers and living the lives that we are destined for, we need a clear strategy, a strong mind and unconditional support as we move into an uncertain future.

I envision a world where young people know from an early age what they love and where their talents lie, what kinds of lives they may want to lead 10, 20 or 50 years into the future, and how all of this knowledge comes together to help them determine potential career paths effortlessly. I want to see people going out into the world, having confidence in themselves and their abilities and giving anything they wish to do a red hot go. I want more than anything else for people to look back and be happy that they lived their life to the full and proud of themselves that they exercised their right to free will.

This is what I want for you.


Life design is a process that allows people to find their own perfect career options and for them to be able to shape their future in whatever way they like. In the coaching and mentoring process, it is a series of phases, similar to those used in user experience (UX) design, but where the individual is encouraged to delve deeply into themselves in order to discover their true motivators, what they love to do, what makes them tick, what puts them in flow and what their most valuable skills are.