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What to do when your motivation goes on holiday

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This week, my motivation decided to go on holiday without my permission. How rude. It’s a wonder this blog even got written – that’s how dire things had gotten.

I really couldn’t be bothered doing much, really. And who knows what caused it to take its little hiatus. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Better to do something about it rather than let it get the better of me.

When you know you have a shitload to get done but you just don’t wanna, the best thing you can do is to take action anyway. Do something. Anything!

Preferably something that feels good that’s also on your to-do list. If there’s nothing on your list that feels good, you might be in a spot of bother. Rethink why you do what you do and whether it’s the right thing for you at this point. If your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough, Motivation’s certainly not going to be keen to hang around for long.

Action is the antidote to indifference, procrastination and fear. But, whatever the reason for Motivation going on holiday, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you just get your brain out of bed (it loves being there) and get it moving.

And you don’t just have to get moving on your to-do list, either. Any kind of movement or action will make a huge difference in helping you to feel better, get your neurons firing under the hood, and Motivation wanting to return to work. Go for a short walk in the fresh air, dance to some funky beats, or catch up with a friend for a game of tennis. Get the energy flowing, cos Motivation requires it. Why do you think it went on holiday in the first place? That’s right – it needed to recharge.

Action mobilises our energy and feeds Motivation.

Motivation doesn’t come before action. It always appears as a result of action. That’s why you could be sitting around the house for weeks, waiting for Motivation to return. That’s just silly. It’ll never come home if you can’t entice it with its fuel. Taking action first doesn’t guarantee Motivation will return, but it sure does increase the chances.

You see, Motivation’s a little shy. When you start looking for it, it’ll go and hide somewhere. Instead, take action without putting any attention on Motivation and the fact that it’s MIA. Just get on with it, whatever you need to do, not giving it a second thought, and it’ll soon come back, ready to pump you up that little bit more and carry on the momentum of your work.

If you need Motivation in order to carry out your work in the world serving others, start to shift your focus from lack of Motivation to the people whom you serve. Forget about yourself and how you’re feeling. Ask yourself: How can I serve my tribe in the best way possible today? What do they most need that I can give them right now?

When you shift your focus from yourself to others, you stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead get productive making a significant difference in the lives of others.

This act alone, as well as the positive feedback you may receive, will eventually bring Motivation back to you, restoring the energy and enthusiasm you need to do your best work for your peeps.

Quit waiting for Motivation to miraculously come to you on demand. It doesn’t work that way. Instead, take action, whether you feel like it or not, ignore the thoughts in your mind that tell you that you can’t be bothered, and start focusing on the people you were put on this earth to serve. That’s exactly how this blog just got written…

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